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Our oceans are full of information.

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    USVs (Unmanned Surface Vessels) containing sensors, cameras, and communication devices collect real time information about the impacts of climate change on marine ecosystems. Open Ocean Robotics uses these solar powered autonomous boats to collect data that can protect at-risk ocean species, safefuard the arctic, clean up oil spills, discover fuel-efficient routes for ships, and mitigate illegal fishing practices.

    Our Role

    Open Ocean wanted a user interface that would improve the way they monitor, track, and plan missions for their fleet of USVs from anywhere in the world. The need for an innovative experience made this project an exciting challenge for our design team since unmanned vessels (drones), whether in the air, on water or land primarily rely on open source software. This proves difficult when the situational needs of each Mission Planning and Piloting Application are vastly different with little to no point of reference to guide the design process.

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    Innovative clean technologies are critical to solving the twin crises of climate change and nature loss. Open Ocean Robotics is putting in place the kinds of solutions we need to build a sustainable, prosperous and inclusive future.

    Jonathan wilkinson,
    Minister of Natural Resources

    This investment will enable Open Ocean Robotics to rapidly accelerate and commercialize its ideas and continues the momentum of public and private commitments to advancing clean technology and reducing global emissions.

    Leah Lawrence,
    Sustainable DEvelopment Technology Canada

    The unknown is an ocean of opportunity.

    In order to gain a deeper understanding of the system requirements for piloting USVs, we facilitated knowledge sharing from Open Ocean’s team about the challenges with their current Lighthouse Control software and vision for its next iteration. By promoting collaboration and conducting a series of workshops, we co-created an enhanced dashboard that would allow scientists and mission specialists to interact with marine ecosystems in intricate ways.


    Staying aflot to protect life below.

    Following these upgrades for managing their fleet of USVs, Open Ocean received further investment of $4 million to advance its marine robotics and ocean data analytics technology. This funding will allow the company to further a number Sustainable Development Goals both locally and internationally, an expedition we are so proud to have crossed paths with.

    A cleantech solution to
    collecting ocean data.

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