Wireframes - Waterfalls
MVPs - Clickstreams
User Flows - A/B Testing
Commits - Data Science
Information Architecture - APIs
UI Patterns - Unit Testing
Eye Tracking - Journey Maps
User Stories - User Experiences (UX)
Avatars - Empathy Maps
Storyboards - Customer Experiences (CX)
Breadcrumbs - 100 Fly Fishing Lure
Open Source - Prototypes
Conversion Rates - Arthur Russel
Iteration - Personas
Affordances - Site maps
SEO - Microcopy
Prospectors of Experience - Aug Research Request
User Scenarios - Chatbots
Heat Maps - Whiteboard Interviews
Hardware - User-Centered Design
Usability Testing - Sprints

A full service, multi-faceted creative agency specializing in crafting unique digital experiences both on screens and in physical spaces.

We are a collective of forward-thinking individuals that thrive on problem solving through insightful research, strategic thinking and experimental prototyping.

We’ve done our time in the trenches of ‘big agencies’ as well as academic research and have taken that valuable expertise and plugged it into our passion through our boutique agency setting.

Liiift’s competencies include progressive design, creative strategy, complete digital front to back end development.