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    3D Scanning applications have made asset creation (a traditionally expensive and time consuming process) accessible to anyone with a mobile device. Shopify’s 3D Department approached us to research the viability of this technology for their millions of merchants, in order to get more 3D representations products into Shopify ecommerce stores.

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    We partnered with the Material Matters lab at Emily Carr University, alongside the London College of Fashion, to lead a team of students through this viability study. Over nine months, we workshopped hundreds of scanning experiments to form data-driven insights that we delivered to Shopify’s 3D department. At this time, we cannot disclose any other details.

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    3D Scanning

    In 2020, going 3D is the most effective visual strategy to give your online business an edge.

    Sahil Gupta,

    We’re entering into this phase where we get to experience these products, on our face, in our home, in our environment, on our body, in these ways that actually bring us kind of full circle back to the experience we used to have when we would go visit stores in person.

    Russ Maschmeyer,

    If you can dream it, you can sell it withShopify.

    Check back soon for more on this case study!

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