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SoundMint partners with musicians and visual artists to create Music NFTs.

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    Music NFTs are the generative combination of musical stems with visual layers, merged together by a unique algorithm. This technology provides new ways to connect with artists and alternate forms of artistic experimentation.

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    When Soundmint came to us, they wanted to improve the way users navigate content on their site and clearly communicate the value of what they were building for their community. High-traffic collection drops (with tens of thousands of visitors coming to buy NFTs) meant a need for seamless functionality. Over the course of two months, we set out to iterate on their design system and work with SoundMint’s in house team to build out a fluid Web3 experience.

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    SoundMint is trailblazing a new and potentially extremely valuable path in Web3.

    Yat Sui,
    Animoca Brands

    SoundMint’s inaugural drop between music artist Kloud and visual artist Hooker, sold 5,000 copies valued at US$2.5 million.

    Business Wire

    The Web3 space allows musicians and artists to support one another, and that’s exactly what SoundMint is helping facilitate.

    Kaien Cruz,

    Invite play and eliminate guess work.

    Building trust was an important aspect of our content strategy given the uncertainties of NFT marketplaces. Highlighting SoundMint’s successful first drop with 5000 NFTs minted and the founding team’s impressive careers within the music industry were key. The patterns we observed emerging in Web3, coupled with interactive ways of showcasing their value propositions created an inviting experience that would fill in the blanks for those hesitant of crypto-based art collection.


    Leave them in mint condition.


    Evaluated at US$30 million, SoundMint sold out their second collection drop, Back In Time by Kaien Cruz and somehoodlum with 500 NFTs minted on the updated site.

    Collecting music,

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